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My friend, Jonathan ZIEGLER, aka GEOTT, self-taught genius, and electronics enthusiast of all kinds, has been working for almost 10 years in the world of automotive programming.
During 2 years, it has sought to develop a multimap specific to ECU EDC15 (TDI 1998-2008 ECU and others), which allows to switch from the dashboard (combination of control such as Cruise control, clutch ... etc), between the different internal softcoding (2 or 3 internal programs).
This was long and painful, but after hours, days, weeks of hard work in reverse engineering (IDA), he finally found a solution .... and what a great solution !!!
Indeed, its system not only allows to switch the SC live, but this, even while rolling .... it is to my knowledge a world premiere.

Well supported by Boubou, a VAG adept, who provided quite a lot of test equipment (ECU, clusters ...) and which allowed GEOTT to get in touch with many BETA testers, its solution is now available on EDC16. ..

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact GEOTT, Boubou or CCH Racing System.... we will be happy to answer you.




Golf 4 TDI 130 hp vehicle on zone 1, zone 2 on 160cv, 190cv on Zone 3.
Management Mapping: Boubou forum

EDC15P the engine computer has 3 locations in its memory, with a modified file john9357 created, it is possible to switch on these 3 sites just by pressing the clutch and pressing the "SET" button on the control cruise control, no cut is required, no reboot, everything is done in real time. A single press lets you know what area the job calculator 1000 for the first zone, the second 2000 and 3000 for the third area, a double selects the area. It is therefore possible to have 3 maps for the same car, you can ride in "Origin", "Soft", "ECO" or "Hard".

Véhicule Polo 6N2 TDI 75cv sur zone 1, 90cv sur zone 2 et 105cv sur zone 3.
Gestion Cartographie : Boubou forum


GOLF MK4 TDI, Softcode on the automatic Gear display
Gestion Cartographie : Boubou forum





VW Touran TDI 140

The EDC16U1 engine computer has up to 17 memory locations, it is possible to switch between these positions only by depressing the clutch pedal and pressing the "SET" button on the cruise control. Shutdown is not necessary, no restart, everything is done in real time. A simple press allows to know on which zone the calculator works, 1000 for the first zone, 2000 for the second zone, 3000 for the 3rd zone ... a double support selects the zone. It is therefore possible to have up to 17 cartographies for the same car, one can ride in "Origin", "Soft", "ECO" or "Hard" mode ....